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Frequently Asked Questions

How does DoubleSafety process files opened by other programs?

DoubleSafety can process files opened by other programs, such as Microsoft Outlook.

What is the maximum size of data I can back up at a time?

DoubleSafety uses the Zip64 technology. Due to this, the archive can be of any size.

I backed up my files to my FTP server. How can I restore data from the backup copy?

Download the archive using a special program or Windows Explorer. After that, use DoubleSafety Restore Data Wizard (see How to restore your data).

Can I back up data without compressing them?

Yes, you can. You can set Compression quality to No compress in the Job Properties dialog box on the Storage tab. However, in this case data will not be compressed, but it still will be saved to a ZIP archive.

In case of incremental or differential backup, how does DoubleSafety find out that a file has been modified?

In case of incremental or differential backup, DoubleSafety uses the Archive attribute to detect that the file has been modified. Once a file is created or modified, the system sets the Archive attribute for it. The Archive attribute is cleared only after the archive is successfully created.

Where does DoubleSafety store its settings?

All DoubleSafety settings, as well as its log, are stored in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\DoubleSafety (C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\DoubleSafety in Windows Vista). In case it is impossible to detect the Application Data folder (on systems with Internet Explorer 4.0 and earlier) the settings are stored in the program folder.

Can I back up data to my flash drive?

Yes, DoubleSafety works with flash drives the same as with usual local disks.

I back up data to a disk, the program ask if the disk should be erased each time. Can I avoid it?

To avoid it, you can choose to erase the disk using the Erase media drop-down menu in the Job Properties dialog box on the Destination tab.

I scheduled a job to be backed up automatically, but the process was not started. What's the matter?

Probably, DoubleSafety was not running at the moment when backup was due. Make sure DoubleSafety is launched at Windows startup (in the Settings dialog box).