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How to make a backup

DoubleSafety uses a system of jobs to back up data. Each job has its own properties, such as: a set of folders and files, the file name of the archive, the parameters of processing, a schedule. This system makes the backup process flexible and convenient.

How to make a backup (1)

To make a backup, you should first create a new job. To do it, open the main window of DoubleSafety and click the New Job button on the toolbar. The New Job Wizard will appear on the screen. Follow its instructions to create a new job.

How to make a backup (2)

Now that you have created a job, select it in the list and click the Back up Job button on the toolbar. Then click the Start Backup in the Backup dialog box. The data will be backed up. Next time you want to back up this data, you can start from this step.