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DoubleSafety - Online help

How to use the scheduler

DoubleSafety has a built-in scheduler to automate the backup process. When the scheduler backs up a job, it does that without any participation from the user who is working with the computer at the moment.

To enable the scheduler, you must have a job created. If you do not have any, you can create it using the New Job Wizard (see How to make a backup).

Using the built-in scheduler

Select the job you need in the list of jobs, click the Job Properties button on the toolbar and switch to the Scheduler tab in the Job Properties dialog box. You can use this tab to configure the job to be backed up automatically according to the schedule.

Using a third-party scheduler

You can use any other scheduler to back up jobs. To do it, configure it to start the file DoubleSafety.exe with the parameter /execute "<job name>". Learn more details about command line parameters here.