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DoubleSafety - Online help

Backup Set tab

You can use this tab to modify the list of files and folders that will be processed when the job is backed up.

Backup Set tab

Selecting folders and files

To add files or folders to the backup set, click the Add button and select the item you want to add. You can use the Remove button to remove the selected item.

You can also exclude a file or a folder from the backup set. Clear the corresponding checkbox to do that. Files created later will be processed if they are not located in excluded folders.

Filter Settings dialog box

You can specify the filter parameters for the entire job. To do it, click the Filter Settings button. Besides, it is possible to specify individual parameters for any folder or file in the set; they will be used instead of the common parameters in this case.

Filter Settings dialog box

For the file to be processed, it must match at least one inclusion mask, but do not match a single exclusion mask. If you want to specify several masks, separate them with a semicolon. By default, DoubleSafety skips temporary files.

You can also filter files by their attributes. By default, DoubleSafety does not process system files.