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DoubleSafety - Online help

Storage tab

Specify the name of the archive, its compression rate and the backup split mode on this tab.

Storage tab


Specify the file name in this field. By default, it is the name of the job.

Compression level

Compression quality - Here you can specify the compression rate. If the compression rate is high, the backup process is slower, otherwise it is faster.

Store uncompressed - You can use masks to specify files that should be added to the archive without compression. It can be useful for files that are already compressed, for example, archives.

Splitting the backup file

When you back up data to the hard drive or to a network drive, you can split the archive into parts of the specified size. For example, it can be useful if write this archive to removable media later. To use the split feature, specify the size of parts in the drop-down menu.

The archive will be automatically split into parts with the size of 4GB if the destination folder or the temporary folder is located on a disk with the FAT32 file system.

When you back up data to a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD, the archive is automatically split depending on the free space available on the inserted disk.