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New Job Wizard

DoubleSafety uses a system of jobs to back up data. Each job has its own properties, such as: a set of folders and files, the file name of the archive, the parameters of processing, a schedule. This system makes the backup process flexible and convenient.

New Job Wizard

This wizard is used to create a new job.

Specify the job name

At this step you are offered to specify a name for the job being created. The name does not influence the backup process and it is used only for telling one job from another. It must not contain the characters / : * ? " < > |.

Specify the backup set

At this step you should specify files and folders that will be processed during the backup process.

Folders and files are represented in the form of a tree. The first branch of the tree - Desktop - represents all files and folders on the computer in the form of Windows Explorer. Select disks, folders or files that you want to back up by selecting the corresponding checkbox to the left.

The second branch of the tree - Shortcuts - contains the list of shortcuts to frequently used files. For example, you can select the My Documents shortcut. In this case the entire My Documents folder will be backed up. Or you can select the Outlook Express files item and all mailboxes from Outlook Express will be backed up.

Select the backup destination

Use this step to specify the location to save backups to. You can store them on your hard drive or in a local area network, send them to an FTP server or write to a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD.

Specify the destination options

This step depends on the storage location selected in the previous step. If you selected the hard drive or the local area network, just specify the destination directory. If you selected an FTP server, you will have to specify the parameters of the connection to the FTP server (see the description of the Destination tab for details). In case you selected writing to a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and there are several writing devices on your computer, select the device that should be used.

Specify whether you need the scheduler

At this step you should choose if you want to use the scheduler to back up this job automatically.

Schedule the job

At this step you should specify the schedule.

Schedule types:

  • Every day - Makes a backup every day at the specified time (the Start time field).
  • On weekdays - Makes a backup on the selected week days at the specified time (the Start time field).
  • On days of the month - Makes a backup on the selected days of the month at the specified time (the Start time field).
  • Custom period - Makes a backup at the specified custom intervals.
  • On Windows startup - Makes a backup each time Windows is started.

Back up missed jobs Select it, and if the computer was turned off or DoubleSafety was not running at the time arranged by the scheduler, the task will be fulfilled when you run DoubleSafety next time.

The last step in the work of the wizard

At this step the wizard has already collected all the information necessary for creating a new job. You can create the job immediately by clicking the Finish button. You can also cancel creating the job by clicking the Cancel button. If you want to change some job properties, you can click the Back button.

Specify additional parameters for the created job - Select this checkbox if you want to specify additional options for the created job.

Create a desktop shortcut for the created job - Select this checkbox if you want to create a desktop shortcut for backing up this job.