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Restore Data Wizard

Restore Data Wizard

This wizard will help you restore data from the previously created backup.

Specify the backup file location

At this step you should specify the backup from which you want to restore data.

You will have to decrypt archives created with the earlier versions of DoubleSafety (*.aes128 and *.aes256 files) using this program first.

If you created backup copies on an FTP server, first download the archive using a special program or Windows Explorer.

If you saved data to a disk and DoubleSafety split the backup into several disks, use the disk that was written last.

Specify what you want to restore

At this step you can specify the files you want to restore from the backup.

Specify the password for decrypting the backup file

Specify the password used for encrypting this archive. Please note that the password is case-sensitive.

Select the location for the restored files

Select where you want to restore data at this step. You can restore data to their original location or to any other folder. The program will preserve the structure of the folders.

Ready to restore

At this step the wizard has already collected all the information necessary for restoring data. You can start restoring your data right now by clicking the Restore button. You can also cancel restoring the data by clicking the Cancel button. If you want to change some parameters, you can click the Back button.

Restoring files...

Wait till the process of restoring the data is over. If you want to interrupt the operation, click the Cancel button.

The program may ask you to insert the next disk. In this case insert the disk with the specified file and specify its location.

The last step in the work of the wizard

At this step the wizard has already restored all selected files. You can close the wizard by clicking the Finish button.