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DoubleSafety - Online help

Settings dialog box

You can use this dialog box to change the general settings of the program. Most settings can be changed in the Job Properties dialog box separately for each job.

Settings dialog box

General settings

Launch DoubleSafety automatically at Windows startup - If selected, DoubleSafety is automatically launched when the operating system is started. It is necessary for the scheduler to work correctly.

Animate the tray icon during the backup process - If selected, DoubleSafety will animate the tray icon during the backup process.

When the tray icon is clicked - Specify what should be done when you click the icon in the tray.


Lower the priority of the backup process when minimized - If selected, the priority of the DoubleSafety application is lowered if it backs up data in the background mode. This option does not influence the priority if the program is not minimized.

Do not show messages and dialogs while processing (silent mode) - If selected, no message box (except for the confirmation of erasing the disk, you can control it on the Destination tab) will be displayed during the backup process, however all events will be logged. It allows you to rest assured that the process will not be interrupted due to a popup window.

Temporary folder - Specify the folder for temporary files created during the backup process. By default, it is the standard temporary folder.


Request the password before opening the main window - If selected, DoubleSafety will ask the password specified in the Password field to open the main window. At the same time you are still able to make backups without entering the password. It can be useful if you want to prevent other users of the computer from changing the settings of the program.