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DoubleSafety - Online help

DoubleSafety in the tray

DoubleSafety displays its icon in the system notification area (tray).

DoubleSafety in the tray

The context menu of the tray icon contains the following items:

Open DoubleSafety - Restores the window of the program from the tray.
Back up the Job - Opens the Backup dialog box for the selected job.
Back up All Jobs - Opens the Backup dialog box for all existing jobs.
Exit - Exits the program.

The icon shows the status of all jobs in its usual state:

All jobs are successfully backed up
Some jobs are backed up with errors
Some jobs are not backed up

The tray icon is animated during the backup process, you can disable animation in the Settings dialog box. In this case, the icon will just change its appearance during the backup process. You can also select the operation that will be performed if you click the left mouse button in Settings dialog box.