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Version history

Special characters:

[+] - New feature
[*] - Modification / Bug fix

Version 4.5 (04/21/2010)

[+] Windows Registry backup
[+] Full disc erase option

Version 4.4 (07/10/2009)

[+] E-mail notifications
[+] Windows 7 support
[*] Some interface problems have been fixed

Version 4.3 (02/12/2009)

[+] Open files backup
[+] Improved support for command line parameters
[*] Faster file search during backup operations
[*] Now the "USER user@hostname" mode instead of the "OPEN" mode is used to connect to the proxy server
[*] The problem with the tray hint has been fixed
[*] Labels that were displayed incorrectly in some languages have been fixed

Version 4.2 (08/22/2008)

[+] Full Windows Vista support
[+] Custom filter settings for separate folders in backup set
[+] Supports burning on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD
[*] The verification speed for checking the last burned CD has increased considerably
[+] Differential backup type
[+] ZIP password protection
[*] The encryption speed has been increased considerably
[*] It is now possible to recover data from the encrypted archive using WinZip or WinRar

Version 4.1 (10/22/2007)

[+] Now it is possible to ignore all errors still logging them
[+] Supporting proxy servers in case of FTP backup
[+] Dutch language support
[*] Using the LIST command instead of NLST

Version 4.0 (08/01/2007)

[+] Backing up to an FTP server
[*] The settings are now stored in the Application Data folder of the current user
[*] The bugs causing errors during an attempt to burn a DVD in certain devices have been fixed
[*] Some interface problems have been fixed

Version 3.6 (11/15/2006)

[*] Backup rate has been increased
[*] Some minor bugs are fixed

Version 3.5 (07/26/2006)

[+] Multilingual support
[+] Automatically verifying archives after they are written to the disk
[+] Automatically deleting old archives
[+] Splitting archives into several parts
[+] Updating archives
[+] Lowering the priority of the backup process when the program is minimized
[*] The tray icon informs you about errors occurring during the backup process
[*] Changes in the user interface
[*] Some minor bugs are fixed

Version 3.4 (01/30/2006)

[+] Strong AES encryption is now available
[+] Now it is possible to change the priority of the backup process
[+] Now you can change the icon in the tray during backup
[*] Incremental backup is now based on Archive Bit
[*] The user interface is improved

Version 3.3 (10/03/2005)

[+] New backup type - update existing archive
[+] Now you can specify whether missed tasks of the scheduler should be fulfilled
[+] A feature of excluding files and folders from the item
[+] Now more macros in the file name are available
[+] Now you can pause the process of making backup copies
[*] The amount of resources used by the computer is reduced
[*] Some changes in the interface

Version 3.2 (07/02/2005)

[+] The Restore Data wizard is added
[+] The incremental backup feature is added
[*] Backing up opened files and files being used by other programs
[*] Now it is possible to back up data with the size of more than 4 gigabytes
[*] The system of selecting files for backing up is improved

Version 3.1.1 (05/08/2005)

[+] Dragging files from Explorer into the backup list
[*] The bug with minimizing the Backup dialog box is fixed

Version 3.1 (05/04/2005)

[+] Backing up automatically in the background mode
[+] The new mode for erasing disks - "Prompt"
[*] The New Item wizard is simplified
[*] The Log dialog box is improved

Version 3.0 (02/29/2005)

[*] The interface of the program is completely revised
[+] The system of backup items
[+] Now it is possible to write to a CD/DVD
[*] The scheduler is improved
[+] Now it is possible to use variables in the file name
[+] Now it is possible to create a desktop shortcut for backing up an item
[*] Several minor bugs are fixed

Version 2.0 (01/15/2005)

[+] Compressing data into a ZIP archive
[+] Now it is possible to use the built-in scheduler
[+] Now it is possible to protect archives with passwords
[*] The interface of the program is simplified

Version 1.1 (05/14/2004)

[+] It is possible to back up data without entering a password
[+] Backups keep the folder structure
[*] Other minor improvements

Version 1.03 (04/09/2004)

[+] The quick backup feature is added
[*] Other minor improvements

Version 1.0 (02/27/2004)

- The first official release