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 "It is a cruel world. It is the world in which your weekly, monthly, or even yearly work can be lost in a moment due to a virus attack, power failure or another unfortunate event. It is the world in which a chain of bits we call a «file» can contain vital information. What can we do?

The only smart thing we can do is to make backups of our data as often as possible. It is desirable to store backups on CD or DVD disks in archived form. Many users know about it, but very few of them do it because they are too busy or too lazy. A good assistant in this annoying everyday task is to have DoubleSafety 3.3 installed on your computer. With DoubleSafety, there is no need for the usual «decide what to backup - archive files - write them to CD» black magic. The software does it all, and even more, for you automatically. It can backup data to your hard drive, to a network drive, or to CD/DVD disks. It can also do «incremental backups», that is, to backup only data modified since the previous backup in order to reduce redundancy. DoubleSafety has a highly and easily customizable scheduler: you can create a schedule to backup your items daily, weekly, in the morning, or at night. In addition, the program is rather smart. It can split very large files into parts (for example, writing a 2Gb file to 700Mb CD-disks). Another good feature in DoubleSafety is its attractive Restore Wizard. So, when the worst thing occurs and you have to restore saved data, you can select only those files, which you need to restore.

Let yourself live without any worries about data safety - DoubleSafety works for you around the clock."

3d2f.com Review Team

 "I tried a few backup programs, but DoubleSafety won the whole line. It is simple to use, it is reliable and from the first set and the start of a worrying and I know that I have all the data backed up in order."

Mila Vavruska

 "I am a retired professional but I still work out of a home office, offering services to the community. I tried a half dozen backup programs to protect my confidential and critical work files. None of them included every feature or function I wanted but DoubleSafety won the comparison because of its clean, simple, straightforward interface and its reliability and compatibility. It has been bug free during the year I have been using it. I especially like the "tick box" approach to selecting backup files. I contacted their support site only once with a non-technical issue and the response was quick, helpful and courteous. I choose to upgrade to the new version because it is a fine backup program. Download the free trial and judge for yourself."

Dr. J.D., Tennessee

 "We tried "the best" backup applications from a "Top ten" list, but all had problems with many task in scheduler... After lost weeks we finally discovered the DoubleSafety, and all the problems disappeared...! And the user interface is really very nice and clever."

IT Team of EFL Service, Wroclaw, Poland

 "I have tested about 10 back-up programs and must say, that I like the DoubleSafety best. It has all the features I was looking for as well as a nice and easy-to-use GUI (there was no need to open the help to set it)."

Karel Jiricka

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